Our Story

Decorum Sound resides at the intersection of art & commerce. In service of artists, creative professionals, brands and organizations alike, Decorum Sound seeks to instill a sense of aspiration within culture.  

Decorum sound is founded by electronic music producer and DJ, J. Anthony Cruz. In 2016, J. Anthony Cruz released his first album entitled “Dream Sequence” which soon after became licensed for play in luxury retail spaces worldwide such as Gucci, Cole Hann, Louis Vuitton Burberry, Brooks Brothers, Bloomingdale’s, Coach, and Mercedes-Benz among others. This initial success helped J. Anthony Cruz to see great opportunity in supporting brands and organizations while working within the context of sound.

“It’s amazing to watch the effect that music has within an environment. It really creates an emotional connection with the brand. We often think about the visual design of a brand but the truth is every brand should have a sound that reflects their place in the zeitgeist.”
                                                                    - J. Anthony Cruz

As the modern music landscape evolves, instilling a sense of aspiration within audiences worldwide is and will remain Decorum Sound’s highest mission; for aspiration is the place where a more promising future is realized.