What does your Brand Sound Like?


Within the brand-building process, the primary focus often goes to choosing logos, icons, colors, typefaces, packaging, and website designs. Although these elements of a brand are vital to your brand’s success, focusing only these aspects overlooks the element of sound which is a key factor for any brand seeking to resonate within its audience.

Every brand has touch-points. These touch-points appeal to the five senses and make up an entire brand experience. This brand experience assists the audience in forming an opinion about your brand. Your audience won’t necessarily remember what you say to them however, they will remember how you make them feel. Needless to say; sound is highly tied to our feelings and emotions. Many psychological studies illustrate how sound increases the memorability of a brand. This is due to the emotional connection that sound provides.

When developing a sound identity, it's important to form an identity out of the essence of who you are and what you believe. As you are building a sound identity for your brand, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is the overall vision of your brand and why does it exist?
  2. What feelings and emotions support the vision of your brand? (empowered, happy, uplifted, aspirational, cool etc.)
  3. What do you listen to on a daily basis?
  4. Where does your brand fit into the marketplace? Is it high-end, premium etc?
  5. What kind of music does your audience already listen to?
  6. What expectations does your audience already have about how a brand in your industry should sound?
  7. Where will your audience “hear” your brand?
  8. What sounds/music feel like my brand?

As you ponder on your what your brand sounds like, keep in mind that your brand is an extension of you. Be sure to make the experience enjoyable. Put on your favorite playlist and really dig deeply into your preferences because chances are, they will match your brand aspirations.